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Pros and Cons of Homework

The introduction of homework as part of learning came with an impact on the wellbeing of learners. Questions have been raised on the importance of homework to students. Some various advantages and disadvantages come with homework. Scholars who have developed an affection for homework believe in its ability to improve personal approach when handling tasks. These scholars also believe that student achievement comes as a result of consistent homework for students.

Despite the benefits of homework, there are also cons associated with the assignment of homework to students. Generally, homework comes with various advantages and disadvantages. We are, therefore, going to explore a range of pros and cons associated with homework. From these advantages and advantages, we can, therefore, identify whether homework is flooded with benefits essential for a learner.

First of all, let’s explore the advantages associated with homework for students. The benefits are discussed below:


Enhancing learner achievement.

Many tutors will attest that most learners have achieved in their studies just because of consistency in doing homework. According to studies conducted, homework brings about improved grades in various examinations. Homework is also part of the bridge to attending college education.

Homework develops consistency in learning and enhances proper study habits

With consistent practice through homework, there is always a higher chance of experiencing a positive change. Learners will always tend to forget what they have been taught. The best way to get rid of this forgetfulness is to give students the necessary homework. By doing this, there will always be a consistency that will keep learners buried in studies.   

It’s a medium through which parents monitor their children’s learnability

With home assignments, parents can consistently check their children’s progress and identify their weak areas. After keeping track of the learner’s weak point, they have to address the city by seeking nursing homework help from relevant personnel such as responsible teachers. Studies show that parental engagement is essential when it comes to student performance. It is, therefore, vital to put it into consideration by assigning home assignments to students.

Disadvantages of Homework

A lot of homework can be harmful

Learners should be assigned tasks that are manageable and can be done by the student without ease. A lot of Homeworks is likely to impose pressure on the student, and as a result, the student will be uncomfortable and stressed. There are various impacts associated with stress, and these include headache, stress exhaustion, and weight loss.

Low-income students are disadvantaged when it comes to homework.

Sometimes there is an unfairness that arises when assigning tasks to conduct from home. Not all learners can manage to acquire the resources required for homework. Low-income students are faced with tough times because of a lack of some of these resources. It is essential to put these students into consideration when assigning tasks to be done from home.  

There is no evidence on whether homework helps younger children

Studies show that homework in elementary schools seems to be unproductive. From the survey, fourth-grade students who did no homework tend to attain similar results as those who did homework.  Generally, homework doesn’t have a significant impact on students at the lowest level as they cannot utilize and apply newer skills learned from homework.


Homework is essential when it comes to improving student’s learnability. It should also be noted that a lot of homework is a burden to students. Tutors should, therefore, give manageable home assignments to ensure productivity.

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