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Is Homework Is Good For Students? A Second Look At The Homework Debate

Who invented homework? This is a question almost every student asks because it is one aspect of the toughest aspects of school life. After spending hours in the classroom, learners still have to carry more work home. There is a general feeling that this leaves little time for students’ creativity. On the other hands, educators argue that without homework, little individual studying will take place. For learners who struggle with assignments, it is important to highlight the role of after-school tasks in the learning process.

This article examines the sticking points in this debate and highlights the reasons for learners to do homework. Keep reading.

Should Homework Be Banned?

The debate on learning in most cases touches on after-school assignments with many students and parents saying it is time to do away with these. The argument is that with so much time going towards school, learners have little time left for personal growth. The argument is that students should have enough time to apply skills learned in their individual way.

The no homework school of thought uses recent studies to support their arguments on banning assignments. Well, since the advent of formal learning, teachers have always used assignments to evaluate the learning process. These assignments also inculcate a sense of responsibility and guide learners in applying the concepts taught in class. With innovative studying techniques such as homework games, students will learn more away from class.

While it is might look like a good idea to leave students to their own devices, research shows that little or no learning takes place. It is for this reason that students should embrace assignments and use them to apply concepts they learn in class.

Does Homework Cause Stress?

Another major point of discussion in the homework debate is the relationship between homework and stress. Some studies have shown high levels of stress among learners and homework ranks among the main causes. Well, there is no denying that when poorly administered by teachers, homework can trouble any student.

Overloading learners will inadvertently lead to high-stress levels. Many students go online and type “someone to do my homework” because of the pressure caused by loads of assignments. However, the blame cuts across the board. While some teachers overload learners with assignments, many students fail to manage their time well hence the resultant pressure.

With good time management, it is possible to complete your assignments and leave time for your social life. After school assignments are not the only reason to blame for stress. Students today are a lot of pressure from parents, societal expectations, the fear of missing out (FOMO) among other issues.

Finding a Lasting Homework Solution

Most of the issues raised by education stakeholders about homework are pertinent. The bottomline is that after-school assignments are crucial in the learning process but teachers should give moderate work to avoid undue pressure. Parents and students should also look for homework assignments help to ease the pressure, especially from online sources. Time management is also crucial in avoiding any pressure emanating from looming deadlines.

If stuck with your assignment, go online and find an experienced homework helper from a reliable homework service. It is a big step in embracing homework as part of the learning process.

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