Training for the highest ministry level of Apostle.

Training For Those Called To The Apostolic Ministry

Find Out About Our Free Apostolic Training in South Africa

God has called you to the Apostolic Office, but you need some training on how to function in this ministry. You need an Apostolic School to prepare you for your calling. 

You came to the right place. Here you will not only learn what is involved in the Apostolic Ministry, but you will be equipped to rise up into the full Apostolic Office. 

Only God can make you into an Apostle, but we can help equip you and show you the way. Then you will recognize what the Lord does in your life, and understand some of the things that happen to you as you begin this journey.

It will certainly be a journey unlike any other and as a student of our Apostolic School, you will find something unique happening as you start your studies.

1. If you truly have an apostolic calling, you will find yourself literally LIVING the lessons as you receive them.  In other words you will not only learn theory but the life lessons will be included with it.

2. If you have any problems along the way or need some explanation, we will be there to help point you in the right direction. 

3. You will face times of pressure and testing that you did not expect. Do not let this surprise you. The Apostolic Calling is thehighest of all the Fivefold Ministry, and more will be demanded of you. So even if you have gone through training for other ministries, expect to be really challenged by this one.

Find Out About Our Free Apostolic Training in South Africa

The Practice of Business

If You Thought You Were Not Capable of Selling

Think Again! You Will Learn To Not Only Sell, But Do It Well

The practice of business involves the exchange of products for money. This means that the process of selling is central to all business activity.

Selling is probably the one part of business that scares most people away. Yet it is a basic function of human life, and something that we all do each day without realizing it.

Les D. Crause takes away the mystery and fear of selling by explaining the simple principles that will help you to sell easily without fear.

Use Selling The Right Way, And Your Business Will Reach A New Level It Has Never Been Before


Apostolic Training School for Fivefold Apostles

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